V i n i e G r a p p e

Our estate-grown wines embody the vibrant charm and complexity of our historic vineyard, exhibiting the balance and elegance indicative of this unique terroir. Enjoy the wide variety of flavours and experiences our wines offer you and your loved ones.

L a C o r v i n a

A carefully curated selection that brings the unique flavours of our vineyard. The wines are crafted to express the character and complexity of our vineyard.

L a R o n d i n e l l a

This grape variety, which was left aside for decades because it was considered secondary to Corvina, has extraordinary potential. It gives its wines elegance, structure and a touch of originality.

I l T r e b b i a n o

An almost cosmopolitan grape but one that each terroir has selected over the centuries. We have Trebbianello, a clone of Trebbiano Toscano. We like to caress this grape variety in winemaking by creating a still white wine, Picus, a wine macerated on the skins for 10 days, Aurantis, and a late harvest with drying on the vine that gives us the white Desmentegà

I n o s t r i M e t o d o C l a s s i c o

How pleasant is a bubble?

We have always been passionate about sparkling wine, but we have researched the highest production tradition, which was born near here in the province of Brescia in the mid-1500s, well before the well-known French monk gave birth to champagne. We vinify our still wines, without any special selections. We referment them in the bottle and wait 2 to 3 years before letting it taste.

I l C h i a r e t t o d i B a r d o l i n o

Fresh, savoury wines with wonderful floral and fruity, citrus notes. Brightly coloured, as it was produced by our grandparents using the technique of "salasso", and then leaving the skins to macerate when making red wine.

They go well with all dishes, from cured meat starters, to fried food, pizza, pasta or soups, and light main courses.

L e n o s t r e G r a p p e

In the countryside everything is reused.

We distil our marc (grape skins that are separated from the wine at the end of fermentation and maceration) in a 1921 copper still with direct fire. The fire is produced from the marc from the previous year which has already been distilled and dried for burning.

From this entirely artisanal process comes our special Grappa di Bardolino.