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G u i d e d t o u r o f t h e B i o d y n a m i c F a r m a n d N a t u r a l W i n e T a s t i n g

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You will be accompanied by Gianni to visit the essential elements of their biodynamic farm. Among vineyards, apiaries, chickens, donkeys and ponies you will be immersed in an atmosphere of times gone by. We will conclude on the terrace overlooking the vineyard, pleasantly tasting their natural wines, produced without any invasive intervention, without any chemical correction and with very few sulphites accompanied with platters of traditional Veronese cured meats and cheeses.

"Wine creates conviviality, eliminates those barriers that our modern society has imposed on us which unfortunately make us shy and unsociable"
- Gianni Benciolini -
“My son is more of an indoor kid and I never expected he would enjoy playing in the vineyard so much! Every question he bombarded Gianni with was patiently answered. We will definitely be back!”​
- Grazia Salvatore -
"The friendliness of Gianni and the love for their work made our tasting simply perfect. A pleasant surprise is their Moretto 2019!"​
- Marcello -